Vianature Australia Vianature is proud to have new modern equipment to complement our state of the art facility. All equipment is tested and validated before any products are manufactured, following the code of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and TGA licensing requirements.

Clients work together with our customer service, quality assurance and technical teams to achieve the formulae and specifications required by the client.

We offer our clients a world class manufacturing facility, an independently operated high tech laboratory service, stability and shelf life testing, new modern equipment with capabilities to meet all demands either big or small.

Manufacturing capabilities:Vianature Australia

vitamin productionSoft gel encapsulation of various sizes, shapes and colours
encapsulation, vitamins, capsulesHard gelatin two piece encapsulation (Bovine and Vegetable)
tablets, chewable, productionTablet compression, two layer, chewable and novelty shapes
tablet and capsule coatingTablet and capsule coating in film or enteric types
effervescent tablet manufactureEffervescent tablets
tablet granulation and blendingGranulation and blending
phytobiochemistry manufacturingPhytobiochemistry manufacturing
manufacturing liquids and tincturesLiquids and tinctures
sachet and powder filling processSachet and powder filling
packaging, bottling and labellingPackaging, bottling and labeling
blister packagingBlister packaging
canning packagingCanning packaging

Service capabilities:

formulation developmentFormulation development and product specifications
stability and shelf life of tabletsStability and shelf life testing
microbiological testingMicrobiological testing (Independent laboratory)
analytical testing of tabletsAnalytical testing (Independent laboratory)
tablet regulationsRegulatory documentation TGA
export certification of vitaminsExport certification and documentation

Let us take you from a unique product concept, or tried and proven formulations, to the saleable packed product, including product registration, regulatory advice (TGA/GMP), stability and shelf life testing, through to the preparation of documentation for the Australian and International markets.

We also have a range of stock coded products, product ordering is now simple and hassle free. You can contact one of our friendly customer service representatives for more information.